Foundation has a wide variety of skateboard designs and graphics suitable for all skateboarding styles. Fiberlam construction is made of 2 high performance thermoplastic composite layers on the top and bottom of the skateboard and 5 inner layers of rock hard maple ply. This technology helps to minimize flex and skateboard breakage. The outer layers are longer lasting and fatigue-resistant, which are also slippery and provide increased sliding ability. The construction is environmentally friendly and uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Fiberprime is the same concept as the Fiberlam construction, only it uses 6-plys of rock hard maple and 1 layer of high performance thermoplastic on the top of the skateboard deck. The deck is just as environmentally friendly as Fiberlam and uses no VOCs. VICE Mold construction is a new design that encompasses a deep skateboard deck concave. It has a pocketed nose and tail that helps with an overall better control and feel. It gives the skateboard deck a longer lasting pop and a stiffer feel.


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