Ronix 2018 Modello Fish Skim Wakesurfer

Ronix 2018 Modello Fish Skim Wakesurfer
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A fun hybrid design that offers a unique blend of surfy rhythm in a skim style shape. Wrapped in Ronix’s Modello wakeboard construction, the Fish Skim delivers impressive performance behind the boat at an unbeatable price.


Last year was the first summer of Ronix’s Modello Fish Skim and initial feedback was fantastic. The team at Ronix set out to create a more affordable, more durable skim hybrid shape and absolutely nailed it with this board. It has the skatey feel that riders look for in a skim style board while having the carving ability of a fish surf style board. A more performance oriented board than its Modello Stub Fish counterpart.

The Modello core construction is Ronix’s most rock solid construction in the surf lineup. A compression molded construction built just like a wakeboard but with a lighter layup to reduce overall weight. Although slightly heavier than more advanced surf cores, this board is built to withstand the test of time.

The Modello Fish Skim comes standard with two 2.3” polycarbonate fins and one 2.9” polycarbonate center fin.

Incredible hybrid performance at an affordable price. The Ronix Fish Skim is a great first skim style hybrid board for those looking for a fun, playful ride behind the boat.

Ronix Modello Fish Skim


  • -Concave Top Deck With Kicktail
  • -New Rear and Front Pad Design
  • -Two 2.3” Polycarbonate Fins and One 2.9” Polycarbonate Center Fin
  • -Lightweight Wakeboard Construction

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