Fly High Pro X Series 500 Floor Fat Sac

Fly High Pro X Series 500 Floor Fat Sac
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Designed to sit on the floor of v-drive boats, the Fly High 500 lb. Floor Sac adds a significant amount of weight to the middle of the boat to help create a more sizable wake for your riding pleasure.

Needing that extra bit of wake to build your wake up or the rear lockers full of gear and need to place ballast elsewhere? A floor ballast bag is a great option for adding a good amount of weight in v-drive boats. Thanks to the bulletproof construction, sitting, standing or walking on the bag is perfectly fine so don’t worry about it being in the middle of the boat. This 500 lb. ballast bag measures 40” L x 40” W x 8.5” H so it is a good fit in smaller v-drive boats. The bag can be filled and drained using Fly High’s portable Tsunami Pump.

All Fly High FATSAC ballast bags use ¾” ports. Designed to filled/drained with the Pro X Tsunami Ballast Pump or the Supa Tsunami Pump for faster fill/drain times.

Size 40"L x 40"W x 8.5"H

Weight 500lbs

Ports 3 Fill/Vent - 1 Drain

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