RONIX EIGHT.3 50lbs Boost Ballast Sac

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50lbs Solid Ballast Bag

Where water ballast just won't work, add additional weight in your compartments placing one or more of the Eight.3 50 lb Boost Sacs, thepremier solid ballast bag on the market.

Eight.3 has disrupted the world of solid ballast bags with the debut of their Boost Sacs, available in a 25 lb and 50 lb sizes. Upon first glance, the Boost Sac is a serious improvement over the other available solid ballast bags on the market. This bag has a nice appearance that will look good in your boat and should last for years with proper care thanks to its rock solid construction. The double stitching gives it ample strength to hold all the weight and the big padded handle makes it much easier to pick up and move around. Eight.3 put a lot of time and thought into this product and it shows. This is hands down the nicest solid ballast bag weÕve seen thus far.

In recent years solid ballast bags have become increasingly popular for improving your boat's wake. Many boaters refer to them as lead ballast bags although they are not actually filled with lead as it can cause serious health concerns. The Eight.3 Boost Sac and most other  solid ballast bags are in fact filled with steel shot, a much safer material. Using solid ballast will never replace using water ballast when building up your boat's wake but can be a nice addition and extremely effective when used correctly.

Our team of trusted ballast experts are advocates of solid ballast when used at the right time. The main attraction to using solid ballast is the increased density of a solid such as steel versus water. This makes it easy to move weight around the boat to shape the wake and place it in smaller compartments such as the underseat storage or bow of the boat where fitting ballast bags can be difficult. The solid ballast bags are a great solution for those spots where you are only needing to add a couple hundred pounds of extra weight.

The major cons of using solid ballast is that it is with you 24/7. Wherever you go, you are hauling that additional ballast because you can't fill/drain it like a water ballast bag. This means you must carry it with you to/from the lake and remains in the boat even once you are done riding. This additional weight that you are towing with you all day can put added stress on your boat and towing vehicle. If you trailer your boat and commute to/from the lake, be mindful that you will be carrying this weight the entire day.

When used correctly, solid ballast is a remarkable solution to adding weight in certain areas of your boat and we are excited to see Eight.3 bringing the Boost Sacs to market. Get ready for a bigger, better wake with the help of one or a few Eight.3 Boost Sacs inside your boat.


SIZE 14" X 12" X 4"

WEIGHT 50lbs

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